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Some WordPress features for writing

BBC America Super Tuesday Coverage - Gratuitus ImageUse the post title to predict content.  The post title is the first thing – and sometimes the only thing – readers see.  Use it.

Tag your posts.  The tags are collected on WordPress and can lead readers to your work.

Use categories.  Again, categories can lead readers to your writing.  As well, they help you organize your post, which makes for a more useful site.

Check your Stats (Dashboard > Blog Stats).  They tell you who’s visiting, from where, and what they are reading.  When you see a popular post, build on it.

Use Dashboard > Tag Surfer to discover other blogs that are posting on topics you’re interested in. Add tags you want to follow, and when a blogger uses the tag, the post appears on your Tag Surfer page.  This allows you to connect with others blogging on your topic.

We’re all looking for more suggestions.  Any ideas?  Post them here.


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