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Whither Weblogs Blog?

Since we’re moving over to Twitter at @WeblogsAndWikis, action on this blog may slow to a trickle.

What do you think? Blog, or microblog for course postings?


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Twitter style guide coming

Style guides like this show up with every new mode of exchange, but they are often worth looking at – just to see how users view the mode.

The Anatomy of a Tweet: Twitter Gets a Style Guide – Bits Blog – NYTimes.com
The bulk of the book, titled “140 Characters, A Style Guide for the Short Form,” will revolve around eight key lessons from the Twitter universe, such as the importance of simplicity, honesty and humor. The project will also highlight notable figures worth following on Twitter, anecdotes from the community and even examples of the few occasions Twitterers have gone overboard: For example, Mr. Sagolla points to “bathroom tweets,” or messages about bodily functions, as falling into the category of things not to post to Twitter.

“This is a new genre of writing,” said Mr. Sagolla. “A new form of literature, in some ways.”

What’s interesting is that the authors are publising the book as a PDF and an iPhone app.  A print version is low on the list.

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What’s in your project?

Four new projects are up and running: two blogs and two wikis.

Wednesday, 25 Feb, is the deadline for getting started.

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where the blogosphere meets the physical world

The Tweetosphere is covering flash-mobbing and twitter meet ups, connecting blogs with twitter and Facebook. The latest is a silent disco tonight:

Liverpool Street Station – Worlds largest Silent Disco 6th February 2009

There are over 12,000 people already signed up on Facebook to participate in the worlds largest silent disco. All you need is a personal music player (or mobile phone), some headphones and your finest pair of dancing shoes.

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