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Hunger Matters: Lindsi Gish

lindsi (lindsi) on TwitterIf you’re interested in how you might use your growing expertise in web writing / blogging – and you should be interested in how you might use your etc – have a look at  Hunger Matters , the blog for Second Harvest Heartland. Lindsi Gish, a BSU grad in Creative and Pro Writing (LinkedIn), is Second Harvest’s E-Communications Marketing Manager, and apparently responsible for content updates on the blog and the Second Harvest site.

Actually, it looks like Lindsi is coordinating all kinds of social media for the non-profit: a Flickr stream, Twitter account, FriendFeed, Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube:

And as of today, she’s on her way to Chicago for a meeting. To think she started at BSU.


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Becoming a Pro Blogging

Those who are interested in how a grad student is using blogging as a way into the professional life of teacher-writer should have a look at this video of Becoming Dr Jones over at Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/4140821

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Twitter style guide coming

Style guides like this show up with every new mode of exchange, but they are often worth looking at – just to see how users view the mode.

The Anatomy of a Tweet: Twitter Gets a Style Guide – Bits Blog – NYTimes.com
The bulk of the book, titled “140 Characters, A Style Guide for the Short Form,” will revolve around eight key lessons from the Twitter universe, such as the importance of simplicity, honesty and humor. The project will also highlight notable figures worth following on Twitter, anecdotes from the community and even examples of the few occasions Twitterers have gone overboard: For example, Mr. Sagolla points to “bathroom tweets,” or messages about bodily functions, as falling into the category of things not to post to Twitter.

“This is a new genre of writing,” said Mr. Sagolla. “A new form of literature, in some ways.”

What’s interesting is that the authors are publising the book as a PDF and an iPhone app.  A print version is low on the list.

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What can I do with an electronic rhetoric minor?

Saint Paul Media-1.jpgHow many times have I heard this?

Sure Weblogs and Wikis is incredibly fascinating and the book is really intriguing and this really is the best course I’ve ever taken. Ever. But what do I do with the knowledge and expertise I’ve gained?


BSU English Lit and CPW alums have formed an online publishing consortium at http://www.stpaulmedia.com/. Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Hatch has been developing how to web sites How to Get Rid of Things and How to Clean Things since he graduated a few years ago.

Hatch, and most of the contributers, took Weblogs and Wikis and other courses in the BSU E-Rhetoric minor.

You might want to have a look at what they’re up to.


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helen dewitt and Your Name Here

200812281607.jpgThose BFAs and MAs who are conflicted about publishing online on paper on your deathbed might have a look at the story behind Helen DeWitt and her latest novel Your Name Here co-written with Ilya Gridneff. Dan Visel has an interview with DeWitt on f:book: an interview with helen dewitt]. And there’s a review of the novel by Jenney Turner in the London Review of Books. And there’s the book itself, Your Name Here published as a screen readable PDF.  

In the interview, DeWitt has plenty to say about writing, publishing, blogging, the role her blog Paperpools played in the process of writing; about writing, reading, and materiality, about co-authoring, about literacy. I scarfed up a copy of YNH after I read DeWitt’s mentions of Pound, Proust, and Eliot, but I’m a sucker for a literary reference.

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Matt Thommes / matthom

Pay Matt’s blog a visit.  It’ll be worth your time.

Matt Thommes / matthom

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