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My husband has been a DJ for quite a while. We love remixes of old and new songs and just good mixing in general. One of our favorite turntablists is Mike Relm who mixes music and scratches video as well. It may just be good video editing, but with the use of music, video, scratching and remixing, would this qualify as a MashUp? Where is the line between MashUp and simply overlaying a song to a video? Does the video have to be edited as well?

My favorite mashup so far is Google Earth and the mapped photos that can be viewed along the way. I dislike the inaccuracies illustrated by the “felons in the lake” example of today’s class. I’m overly critical that way. When I see a castle and I’m told parts have been remodeled, I want to know where the thirteent-century brickwork ends and the seventeenth-century repair job begins! I’m just curious as to what other mashups you all utilize or favor.


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