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….than never

Hi All!
Forgive my tardiness; my post is my offering.
My name is Martha and I am a senior English major.  I will be walking this May and *hopefully* finish up my last few courses over the summer!  Next year – I hope to either continue on to Grad School or venture out and dare to act grown up…
 I am addicted to: live music, trivia on Monday nights,sharing poetry, reading into all hours of the night, epic road trips (think 4 friends, one car, one week and eight states epic) and parallel parking (‘cuz i’m great at it.)
I will be working hard over the next few days to catch up and get acquainted with this entire weblog/wiki thing. I look forward to seeing what all you guys do in your blogs!

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Hello Classmates

Hi, I’m the digital student in the class this semester. As Mike mentioned in class, I live in Fargo. I teach on the other side of the river at Minnesota State Community and Technical College (which is far too long to say at conferences and social events. MSCTC is faster to say and easier to type).

As I mentioned in class, I graduated from BSU with a BA and MA in English. Although I usually teach the freshman comp courses, I also teach basic English (ENGL 0050), and I’m developing a Special Topics course for fall: Travel Literature.

I have a personal “brain-dump” type of blog and created a one-time travel blog last year. I’m new to wordpress and wikis though and look forward to the experience of learning about both.


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