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where the blogosphere meets the physical world

The Tweetosphere is covering flash-mobbing and twitter meet ups, connecting blogs with twitter and Facebook. The latest is a silent disco tonight:

Liverpool Street Station – Worlds largest Silent Disco 6th February 2009

There are over 12,000 people already signed up on Facebook to participate in the worlds largest silent disco. All you need is a personal music player (or mobile phone), some headphones and your finest pair of dancing shoes.


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Mashup books and SATs

Here’s a mashup of average SATs with favorite books as listed on Facebook.  At the top, Lolita, 100 Years of Solitude, Crime and Punishment, Catch-22.  At the bottom, The Bible, Zane, The Color Purple.

There’s no causal link.  The mashup demonstrates correlation.  What it means: If you have a high SAT, you’re more likely to claim to enjoy Lolita. If you have a low SAT, you’re more likely to prefer The Color Purple.

Liking Harry Potter puts you just shy of 1100.

What’s on your Facebook booklist?


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