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Easter Egg

easteregg-2.jpgHope everyone’s enjoying their weekend.

The news is that we meet f2f again on Mar 31 and April 2. That week, we’ll also be taking the first studio tour. So, you have over a week to work and tidy up.

Please post an update
I’m interested in seeing where everybody is with their project. So, by Tuesday, 25 Mar, post an informal update to the Daybook for all to read – just to keep us up to date.

How are you doing?

How are things going with your project?

What else is new?

And link to something interesting on your project.

Meanwhile, here’s an Easter Egg for your entertainment.


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bit o’ rambling…

Ever so confused here.  I did an ‘about me’ section the other day. And now its up and gone. That’s twelve shades of crap. I think I lost the tab when I changed the layout of my blog.  I’m probably going to have to go back to a predetermined picture – just to make sure it has all the tab features I need.  That’s crap, too, because I really like my picture. Oh well, right?

I never realized there was so much to blogging. I took for granted that it would be logging in and jotting down thoughts and whatever else I felt like writing about.  And then I see other blogs that are developed and full of features and I can see why they are so popular.

I stumbled about the site Technorati which seems to be all about blogs. All I did was Google ‘most popular blogs’ and it was the popular hit in my search results.  According to Technorati, the most popular blog is this one. And according to this naive, green blogger, I can only figure the reasons BoingBoing is popular is because of its history and noted ‘first of its kind’ type of accomplishments.

According it its website, BoingBoing is a directory of wonderful things.  As edited and written by a team of central authors, the website seems to comment on everything from comics to technology to viral videos to other popular blogs.  At first glance, it doesn’t look anything like one might expect a blog to look like.  I think the most appealing aspect of BoingBoing is the ‘suggest a link’ feature.  Although not everyone can blog and comment (the site removed their commenting feature in 2004), readers can suggest a site for editorial consideration. This helps both readers get their site more visitors and lipservice, but also helps the editors in doing their job; finding sites to comment on and introduce to the www.

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