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helen dewitt and Your Name Here

200812281607.jpgThose BFAs and MAs who are conflicted about publishing online on paper on your deathbed might have a look at the story behind Helen DeWitt and her latest novel Your Name Here co-written with Ilya Gridneff. Dan Visel has an interview with DeWitt on f:book: an interview with helen dewitt]. And there’s a review of the novel by Jenney Turner in the London Review of Books. And there’s the book itself, Your Name Here published as a screen readable PDF.  

In the interview, DeWitt has plenty to say about writing, publishing, blogging, the role her blog Paperpools played in the process of writing; about writing, reading, and materiality, about co-authoring, about literacy. I scarfed up a copy of YNH after I read DeWitt’s mentions of Pound, Proust, and Eliot, but I’m a sucker for a literary reference.


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