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Debategraph: a wiki with a map visualization

Debategraph home.jpgThose looking at wikis … well, everyone really, should have a look at Debategraph.

The Debategraph works like a structured argument map, but it has a wiki underlying it that lets anyone contribute to the debate. The map is rendered in Flash. Clicking on globes moves through the premises, counter-premises, related arguments, and evidence. The map can be switched to a more traditional tree outline view.

Argument maps chart informal arguments so that the premises, objections, rebuttals, and evidence are clearly connected visually. In this way, argument maps can be developed collaboratively and developed over time. They take a little getting used to, but the Debategraph interface guides contributers pretty well.

The current front page debate is the crisis in Gaza, but that debate is connected to a set of other related debates that are worth exploring.

It might be a more formal tool than many of us are used to – and a more structured way of developing an argument than we’re used to – but it’s a way the ruling powers, consultants, think tanks, and other groups work out their thinking.


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When You Aren’t Collaborating, Is the Wiki Still Useful?

Friday, we talked briefly about wikis being mainly for collaboration.  And if that’s the case, then what use are wikis for solo work?

Here’s a good argument for the occasionally collaborative wiki:

When You Aren’t Collaborating, Is the Wiki Still Useful?

They are collaborative tools when you need them to be, but they’re also good at helping you do solo things, and things that might benefit from broader input at some point, but aren’t collaborative all the time.

For instance, drafting a news release, writing documentation, capturing research notes, or writing a letter are all activities a person can do largely on their own, and the wiki provides the benefit of a simple workspace, the ability to store that information in a secure online place that you can access them from home and work computers, and the ability to easily work on your documents right from a web browser.

The summary: “At some point, you might involve colleagues, but the benefits of the wiki are there even when you’re working by yourself.

The wiki writing space writing useful, even when used alone.  The trick is find those uses for it that step beyond paper and word processing.

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Here it is

So here is my final write up.

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Final Write up?

Hello everyone, I just want you all to know that I have really enjoyed this class and all the participants of the class. I have learned so much and have even surprised myself on how much I have learned and now capable of doing. Thanks again! Here is my Final write up! Have a great summer and good luck on finals, Heather Smith

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Comments for Tours

I had posted my response to the tours on the actual tour pages. Thanks!

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Check out these great projects I viewed on my studio tour

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My Tours

Fun to do! Glad for the assignment to take a close look at sites I might have not otherwise explored!

I had the opportunity to look at Erik’s Wiki, Wayne’s Blog and Heather’s Wiki.

I really hope my tour and results and responses to the sites are helpful and appropriate! Everyone appears to be doing well and working hard!

Have a great weekend!


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