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Debategraph: a wiki with a map visualization

Debategraph home.jpgThose looking at wikis … well, everyone really, should have a look at Debategraph.

The Debategraph works like a structured argument map, but it has a wiki underlying it that lets anyone contribute to the debate. The map is rendered in Flash. Clicking on globes moves through the premises, counter-premises, related arguments, and evidence. The map can be switched to a more traditional tree outline view.

Argument maps chart informal arguments so that the premises, objections, rebuttals, and evidence are clearly connected visually. In this way, argument maps can be developed collaboratively and developed over time. They take a little getting used to, but the Debategraph interface guides contributers pretty well.

The current front page debate is the crisis in Gaza, but that debate is connected to a set of other related debates that are worth exploring.

It might be a more formal tool than many of us are used to – and a more structured way of developing an argument than we’re used to – but it’s a way the ruling powers, consultants, think tanks, and other groups work out their thinking.


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welcome back

Hope everyone had a good break.

Some of you have been very busy, and the projects show it. Have a look at some of the latest projects and see what you can add:

  • Erik Rundquist’s The Wishing Well. An encyclopedia of change, “a database for information on problems that face the people of the United States and the World as a whole.” First issue, PovertyLocal.
  • Bender’s Cinebloggin’. In the tradition of gossip blogs. News is that Monopoly is going to be a film.
  • Wayne Schmeling: Liberty Pine Ranch Breaks. Wayne’s building on his professional work with enthusiasm (just have a look at his blogroll.) But he also visited the wilds of Seven Corners and the West Bank over break: Stomping Grounds.
  • Briana French: BareFoot Aviary is looking for information – first hand information, none of that copy and paste stuff – on owning and raising birds. Even those with less experience can add questions, is my bet.

If your project isn’t listed on the Project Blogroll, send me the link to your site, and add it to your project description page. Keep moving forward.

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