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1:12 AM, Post-Superbowl

I sure put off posting to the Daybook for a while. Guess now is as good as ever, right? Hello and all that.

So then…the Superbowl. I didn’t watch it. I never watch it, actually. Is that surprising? As I said in my blog (oh, shameless plug!), the main reason I cared about the event at all was the debut of a new Smashing Pumpkins single. I’m a bit music-geeky like that. Lots of hoots and hollers over the whole ordeal in other rooms here in Oak 1A, but I myself just chilled to some tunes like always. 

Oh,  and I’d like to make a reminder to help out the wonderful people putting together the Rivers Meeting publication…any of you who are submitting had better do so quick! It’s February 2 already, the deadline for submissions.


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“A Hello”

So, hello!
If anyone ever has time on their hands and feels like reading something about either literature, music, God, or random nothingness, come on over to my blog at
All are welcome….

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Hello everyone…

How’s the spring break going so far? oops i guess this is just the beginning huh…hehehhe. Well i just updated my blog. Its on touring Malaysia. I haven’t written anything though, but ill definitely do it throughout the break. As i’m going to be stuck in my room;-) This is the website for my new blog-

Anyways, have a good one and have fun!!!


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Better Late.

I also apologize for being so late. I guess I just got in over my head. But now I’ve taken a deep breath and I’m ready to try again.

My name is Tricha and I like English. This means I read, I write, I watch movies like an addict and the Writers Strike is breaking my heart.

From now on, I shall blog to my (and this class) heart’s content.

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umm yeah

Hey all this is just a test, I think this is going to the right spot

my blogging skills for the moment appear to be sub par, but i’m working on it slowoy but surely

if you want to see a bit more about me checkout my blogg and my about page, i’m rather proud of it (http:

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OK, OK, I just figured out this linking thing at 2:30am and boy is it fun!  I might just link the whole wide world now.

I’m Wayne Schmeling, the ol’ guy in class, and I’m a returning, transfer student at BSU.  If I can link all these classes together I should finish with two degrees, a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Creative and Professional Writing and a Bachelors of Science in History, by the Spring of 2009.  That makes me a BSU Senior on the 20-year plan!   In my previous life I lived outdoors, as a Hunting and Fishing Manager.  And before that, once upon a time, I was a Journalism major at the U.

I am really enjoying being back in school again, and now I’ve got this shiny new weblog!  So, check it out and I’ll see you in class.

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    Finally got on this bad boy.  I thought it might never happen, but now I can post right along with the rest of ya’s.  A little bit of info about me:

1. I like rock climbing.  A lot.

2. I play the guitar.  Poorly.

3. I sing.  It gives my guitar skills a run for their money.

4. I can bend nails.  Big ones.

That’s pretty much the essentials.  Peace out, Cub Scouts.

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