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Coming in low and fast

A quick post via WordPress 2 iPhone.


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for Monday, 20 April

We have one presentation planned for tomorrow – but there’s still time to sign up.

In fact, everyone should check that they are signed up to present on the right day. There was a lot of over-writing going on last Wednesday and some names might have been moved in the shuffle.

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We meet again April 15

As per the calendar, Weblogs and Wikis meets again face to face to prepare for presentations: Weds, 15 April, HS 109, at 11:00 am.

This is an important meeting. Best to attend.

See you then.

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update on updates

It’s good to see people are posting updates before tomorrow’s – Monday’s – face to face meeting at 11:00, HS 109.

Please pass on the news that we meet on Monday, and that there’s an update post due. If everyone tells just 3 people they know, the news would get to Kevin Bacon by midnight tonight.

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Spring Thaw: Monday, 23 March

I trust everyone’s more or less back from break and that the projects are ticking along – and that basements are flooding.

As scheduled, we’ll meet again face to face next Monday – Mar 23. Usual time and place.

In anticipation of our meeting, post a brief up date to this blog for us for all to read – just to bring us up to date.

  • How are you doing?
  • How are things going with your project?
  • What else is new?
  • And link to something interesting on your project.

If your project isn’t going well, you can design and start a new one during the week of Mar 23. Post abut the problems here so we can all help out, or let me know.

On next Monday, I’ll assign StudioTour1. Feel free to get an early start on things.

Pass this information on, by the way. Not everybody is checking the Daybook.

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all projects are up and running

Bemidji State UniversityIt looks like all the projects are up and running: from a fictional diary to a confessional to foodies to rock and roll to weird. Most of these have been started, and some are well on their way. Subscribe to a few, or look in on them regularly to see how events are unfolding.

Suspension Of: On Stage & In The Studio

Jessica’s Diary


Confessions of a Coffee Addict

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 12

The Culinary Bible for College Students

Never Better

Well done all. Looks like an interesting mix.

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two more projects as deadlines loom

Two more projects started

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