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I, like the nightingale, have been created uniquely. I, unlike the nightingale, am still trying to find my voice...and so, I am a "nightengale." A bird of a different feather, you might say. I am a Christ-follower, trying to follow Him more closely. I love sunsets, lakes, woods, horses, music, Rachmaninoff, family. And, of course, poetry! "Fled is that music...Do I wake or sleep?"


Here is my final write up. This class has been a fun one – thank you, Dr. Morgan. And thanks to everyone who provided feedback in the studio tours of my blog.  Hope everyone enjoys many happy days of blogging or …wikiing?  🙂


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Studio Tour 1 Completed

I have finished my studio tours of the blogs  Veteran Dissent, Weirdoftheday, and What’s on the Shelf.

You will find my studio tour musings on my wiki page.

All three blogs were interesting, and worth the time to read. Keep up the good work, all!

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Mandatory Update, For all Disinterested Parties

Hello, all!

For starters, I am doing just fine and dandy. Enjoying the warm sun and the slippery ice and lovely miniature lakes that that combination produces. I have almost killed myself only twice so far.

My project is coming along…I think it is going just fine. Something you might be interested in checking out is my story of my initial encounter with Shakespeare, which you may find by going here:

I have nothing else of interest to report (or that I wish to report, at least!), so fare thee well, good lords and ladies.

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Rivers Meeting Submissions

For anyone interested in writing fiction, non-fiction, or poetry:

Rivers Meeting ( a BSU literary magazine published annually in April) is currently accepting submissions of original pieces of prose, poetry, or art. The deadline for submissions is  Monday, February 2nd. This is a great opportunity to have your works published!


February 2nd is not far away! Submission forms and guidelines  may be picked up in Hobson Room 20  (they will be in a blue-covered box on the  ledge behind the computer island), Hagg-Sauer Room 322, Hagg-Sauer 3rd floor reception desk,  or the Ed. Arts Reception 2nd floor (next to Talley Gallery).

If you have any questions, you may e-mail Rivers Meeting at or stop by one of the previously listed locations.

Happy writing!

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“A Hello”

So, hello!
If anyone ever has time on their hands and feels like reading something about either literature, music, God, or random nothingness, come on over to my blog at
All are welcome….

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