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I'm a veteran and a college student.

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I have completed the assignment. 

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I reviewed Weirdoftheday, What Is On The Shelf, & Alpha’s Place.

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Veteran Dissent Update

“In war, truth is the first casualty.” ~Aeschylus

The posts are going smooth, and I’ve connected with a few like-minded vets. The comments on this post are good example of us hashing through some of what we see as problems with leaving military service. 

I’ve bounced around a bit more than I planned on, but there is still a consistent juxtaposition of existentialism and the experience of veterans. One of my blog posts morphed into a post on and was featured on this blog as well. 

I’m just having fun and exercising my free-speech rights.

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Facebook Boobie Ad


Here ya go folks . . . 

I see this every time I log onto facebook . . .

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 “Online marketing has grown into more than a $20 billion a year industry. But the regulations governing what that industry does with all the personal information it collects from Web browsers are virtually nonexistent. Today’s voluntary guidelines are the Federal Trade Commission’s attempt to catch up.”

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Jurgen Habermas

Jurgen Habermas gave this interesting lecture in Japan in 2004.

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