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When computers don’t work… Finally got my Project Writeup done…

Howdy all –

So… having a sick computer in No Bueno. I have tried for the last few hours to post the link here to my Project Writeup for “What is on the Shelf?”, but it wouldn’t go through. Same for my actual wiki page. I could not get it to save last night if my life depended upon it.

But my Writeup finally saved and – YEA!

You can link up to it here. Hope it all works!

I’ve enjoyed this class and the project. Everyone’s topics were interesting to look at and read.


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Studio Tour 1 Completed – Casey Fisher

Just got my three studio tours done for this round.

I visited:

Alpha’s Place

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 12

As the Pounds Fade

To read up on these three, check out my wiki.

If you get a spare moment, check them out.

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What’s on the Shelf

Hi everyone!

So my blog is rather off to a slow start. I am behind in posts – but that was due to the fact that the week before spring break I was sick, and then during spring break I had some family problems.

But now that everything is calm again, I am starting to plow through the missing posts. If I follow my plan right now and I did the math right, I should be caught up in about two weeks or so.

I am really enjoying digging around and finding things to post about. This is actually a project that I may keep going for a while – who knows.

Feel free to drop me a line as to new music, books, and movies (they can be older too).

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Guten Tag!

Just a quick hello to y’all on the Daybook!


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