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Final Write Up

It’s been a pleasure working with all of you this semester. Good luck with finals and have a great summer!

Check out my final write up in your spare time. ūüôā



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Home with sick kid

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry, I won’t be in class today. I am home with my daughter. Good luck to those who present today!


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It’s not so bad

10 minutes goes pretty fast when you think about it. By the time you give an introduction, show some posts/pages and tell us about the process, time’s up. Thanks for being a great audience, by the way!

It’s fun to hear about all the projects.



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Studio Tour

I have completed my studio tour and would like to invite you to check it out! The projects I toured are very good; you will want to visit them!

Krista’s Weblog

Music Reviews by Gracie

Malaysia Truly Asia

Thanks, and enjoy!


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Beth’s Update

My wiki project is well underway. I have established the basic structure. I am trying to be careful to provide links to help users navigate, and also to provide useful information on how to use the wiki. We are likely going to ask users to create a pbwiki account (identity) to use the wiki. This will allow us to invite them to use the wiki without giving out passwords.

I was able to give a short presentation regarding wikis at a D2L Users Group meeting last month. There were about 8-10 faculty in attendance. I gave them a handout explaining the wiki and asked for feedback. One question during the meeting was “What’s the difference between a wiki and a blog?” Hey-I know that!

I have not been able to “release” the wiki yet because we are in the process of getting the site upgraded (adding access rights and¬†the ability to lock and¬†hide pages). To do that I had to transfer administrative rights to my boss, then have her do the upgrade.

Anyway, we should have that taken care of soon and then I will contact a select group of faculty to do some pilot testing of the site. The intended purpose of the site is to encourage collaboration and resource sharing.

It is a bit challenging to create the wiki for someone else. I have had to adjust my plans somewhat to fit my boss’s vision. However, I am still happy with what is happening and hope it will be useful to faculty and staff who are teaching or supporting online instruction.

Thanks! Beth


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Don’t Rush

Hello everyone! How’s it going with your projects?

After working on my wiki for a few days, I thought I’d share my experience. (Maybe you have found the same to be true.) When I start working on one wiki page, I think of another page¬†I want to add, so I get that one started and then I think of something else, etc.¬†While this is the nature of a wiki, I found that I had to take a breather, sort out some ideas on paper,¬†and then get back to it.¬†

I found it helpful to make a chart (similar to an organizational chart or flow chart). I listed my homepage at the top, below that all the pages that link from the homepage, and then the pages that link from those pages. 

Good luck with your projects, feel free to visit mine at


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On the lighter side…

 Q. How many wiki people does it take to change a lightbulb?

A. One, but anyone can change it back.


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