Sign Language Upate



Well so far on my wiki I’ve put something in each section that I’ve created.  I must admit that I didn’t add much to my wiki over spring break, but now that the first week of school is over I’m back into the swing of things and can plan out my homework schedule better.

It’s been really interesting researching the history of sign language.  I found a lot of sites that explain how the language got started, and the sites also did an excellent job with explaining who helped bring the language along.

Now I’m going to focus on filling up the other sections before I start adding to the history section again because I have a good start on that section.  I’m also going to add a few videos of someone speaking sign language to a song or telling a story or something like to show people what a person looks like performing sign language.

The only problem I’m having is finding time during the week to sit down and actually do the researching for my project along with all of my other homework.  Other than that I think my project is coming along fine.


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