Dirty Blvd. Album Reviews Update

You know, I’m really considering changing that title; I’m not even a big Lou Reed fan, let alone a big fan of the song “Dirty Blvd.”

Anyway, things have been going quite well. I’ve got 20 detailed album reviews so far, and will have 22 by the time of class tomorrow. Just a matter of picking which drafts to publish; I have lots of near-finished drafts almost ready.

Surprisingly, my review on King Crimson’s debut album was put up on an official site dealing with King Crimson and their guitar wizard, Robert Fripp himself, who posts on that site. Talk about recognition! Because of that and a couple other hidden weapons of mine, I’ve been getting a lot of traffic in the past week.

Some other things…I’ve added a bit to my blogroll and I’ve added a tag cloud, as well as updated the “about” page. And of course there’s been plenty of posts besides album reviews. Oh, and either tonight or some other time in the near future, I’ll be adding posts that will serve as lists of the reviews ordered by date, artist, and rating. 

Anyway, check the place out if you want to see if I’ve reviewed any of your favorite albums. I’ve tried to do all sorts of things…from popular giants like The Beatles to indie artists like Neutral Milk Hotel…from bad and mediocre albums to absolute masterpieces. Just did a review on Boston’s ever-popular debut album earlier today. You know, that “guilty pleasure.”


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