The lazyczech update

The lazyczech playlist is going well so far. I’ve slowly been beefing it up as much a possible from a design standpoint. We are pretty limited in that way though. The post content, in terms of length is a little different than I predicted in my proposal. But it feels pretty natural. Otherwise my posts are looking, and reading, pretty much the way I would like them to. I do have at least one question that I’ve been saving for Professor Morgan.

My traffic been up and down, overall it seems to be growing. Just today my blog was added to KAXE Radio’s KLOG. That should help. The name is currently misspelled, but that will be fixed soon. They were very receptive to adding it to the list of blogs that is the KLOG. Still, I did wait until I had streamlined things a little, and had some content, before I approached KAXE.

Otherwise, I’m looking forward to carrying on with this project beyond this class. I’ve found it to be quite a bit of fun. Look for a rather in depth piece on funk force-of-nature Betty Davis before Monday.


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