are web sites sinking?

Keep an eye out for web sites going down as the recession spreads.  I’ve read reports of two sites related to universities closing in two days.  JuicyCampus, a much-hated campus gossip site, is shutting down because of lack of revenue; and Ruckus, an mp3 subscription service for campuses, is closing for unknown reasons.

These sites were probably close to the edge already, so losing them might be No Big Deal.  But if advertising revenue dries up, other sites could close or move to a subscription service.  Google laid off recruiters and there are rumors that it might be cutting up to 1000 engineers.

Watch the blogosphere to see what washes up.



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2 responses to “are web sites sinking?

  1. Meghz

    Good to know.

  2. Alpha_Cluster

    Actually with Ruckus its actually surprising that it lasted this long. It was running off the goodwill of the record companies and nobody was using it enough for it to stay afloat when it came to ad revenue.

    Google’s layoffs are out of proportion as Google is still hiring they are just slowing down to adapt to the current market.

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