Good Humor

These are some of my favorite amusements that always give me a good laugh. The last video… that guy is my hero! (aside from whiplash the cowboy monkey)



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6 responses to “Good Humor

  1. Sierra Walton

    Here is one of my favorites

  2. Meghz

    That one is a good one too

  3. richelleirish

    Those were hilarious! I seen the one about the little girl and the monster, but all were funny.

  4. hhansen88

    OMG!!! These were really funny, although I must say the guy who did the evolution of dancing was pretty talented to be able to dance for six minutes straight. But seriously, I think I made my neighbors mad from laughing to hard. 🙂

  5. caseymarie88

    The Evolution of Dance video is one of the greatest ways to laugh away 7 minutes of your day. Here’s one I always go to if I need a good laugh:

  6. hhansen88

    The evolution of dance guy made a second video!!!

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