One More Update

This perfectly poached egg might be a little hard-boiled, and as Easter eggs go, this might be a rotten egg, but the lights are still on at the LPRB.  I may have stuffed the whole egg in my mouth or just bitten off more than I can chew!

I’ve been spending my time trying to raise my Firearm Safety Training blog.  It has been a little slow going over at the firearm safety training site because I have been plodding along trying to find the footings of the foundation from which to start building.  I have decided to utilize a number of pages on that site in order to detail some of the different aspects of the course (like classroom, essay, and survival kits), and from there I plan to start making posts pertaining to assignments and information that will help the students through the course.  There is an extensive blogroll to help the students discover their part in the hunting and shooting community and the hits counter shows how many students have had their Homework Counted.  So it’s been pretty boring, tedious stuff so far, but I am optimistic about the future as I start making some posts to the Homework and Other Useful Stuff categories.  It has also been a little tricky trying to remember to write so that 11 and 12 year-olds will understand and take interest as well as their parents.  Things are looking good though as at last I heard the first class was half full already with a few signed up for the second class.

Meanwhile, over at the LPRB, did you know We’re #19?

And one more thing — I love this “Edit timestamp” feature…


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