Update on my Blog

Sorry that I’m a day late on this posting. My blog had been going pretty well I think. I’ve been doing regular postings related to my life as an english major. One good thing about doing this blog is that I am more focused on my course work from the extra time a take to reflect each day. I am more aware of the things I am learning and taking from each class.

I’ve never really been that into blogs before this project. Not only does my blog serve me well for my schooling, but is a very good creative outlet. I think that I will probably keep doing my blog even after the semester is over. I like the idea of documenting the rest of my studies in an online journal. Whenever I want to look back on past blogs I will be able to remember particular stories or work shops that stood out to me, which will help me hold on to the things I am learning.

I think that I have done a good job of catergorizing and tagging each blog, but I do need to get back into the habit of linking in each post. I was getting a lot more views when I linked more. I broke 300 blog hits, which made me very excited, all though I’m sure other bloggers see it as a very dismal amount.

More updates later on!


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