The Blogging Life – How I’ve Been Doing So Far

At times, it seems a little hard to keep up on the posts for my blog, but it seems that if I either don’t have something that I need to get off my chest, I turn to news sites.  I am liking having the variety of posts that I have.  I try to not post on one certain topic too much.  I am liking having to just work on our own for this project.  I am able to choose the time that I want to do it, which enables me to blog whenever I get an idea in my head.

So far I think the post that I enjoy the most is an article on found on Facebook.   It was an article about how an individual made up a Facebook account on an individual that he claimed to have down just because he liked him so much.  It was an interesting article to read, and it was also an interesting article to reflect upon.


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