Kite Runner Study Guide Wiki

My students have added a lot of content to their Kite Runner Study Guide Wiki (although much of it is “signed” on the history page with my name, it was all generated from their in-class group assignments). One major problem I encountered was the redundant information (created by how I assigned the first three group assignments). However, it allows us to discuss the level of detail in some groups and to practice revision.

To initiate these changes in the students’ posts, one of the steps I recently took is to refactor the character page. All characters and their pertinent info were on one page before (Check the history and compare March 9th to the most recent page to see the drastic difference). I then created new pages for the major characters, such as Amir, and included numerous links. I will be showing these changes to my students Wednesday as a model. Another idea I had was to create a more reflective assignment for this week.  Finally, I will change the way we post for the last installments of the novel; groups will post material to one page (one group will focus on setting, for example) instead of each group posting to all the pages, which is what I should have done in the first place. Around April 2nd, all the content will be online, though the ongoing assignment will be revising and linking. We are also taking some time this week to watch the movie, which should be in stores tomorrow!

Unfortunately, I cannot track traffic to the wiki unless I upgrade. No outside reader has posted comments yet (feel free to, classmates! My students got very excited when their blog posts garnered comments. If you want the access keyword, I’d be more than happy to share it).


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2 responses to “Kite Runner Study Guide Wiki

  1. beth

    Great job, Jenn. You’ve really put a lot of stuff out there! It looks great!


    p.s. FYI–If you don’t want the “recent changes” or “quick start” tabs on your sidebar, you can go to “show all pages” at the bottom of the page and just delete those pages. Once they are deleted, I don’t think you can get them back so…be careful:)

  2. Jenn Beyer

    Thanks, Beth. I should, for visitors’ sake, get rid of the recent changes/quick tabs; it makes it easier to navigate. I might wait until the class has a little more time with it though….

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