Resident Assistant Wiki: Project Update

I’m making some progress on this thing, but it’s going slowly. My current challenge is trying to create an easy way for RA’s to edit the wiki. Currently they would have to create wikidot accounts, and RA’s already have enough crap to do without signing up for some online account garbage. I’m e-mailing the folks at wikidot to see if they can fabricate a bunch of accounts for me en masse, otherwise I’ve created a generic account that anyone can use, but I’d rather have individual accounts for staff.

I created a gmail account so the generic username could have an e-mail. That works great for my purposes because i then signed that account up for picnik and got googles Picasa going as well. Now RA’s can upload digital photos to an online suppository and then link to them from the wiki so they can post door decorations and bulletin boards. I’m thinking about a staff photo archive as well. Could be neat.


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  1. Zach –
    Thanks for being the first to post – and for the update. Looks like you’re making the post of the problems you’ve run into by connecting up the wiki with Picasa. Being able to upload images might encourage the RAs to post to the wiki.

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