Don’t Rush

Hello everyone! How’s it going with your projects?

After working on my wiki for a few days, I thought I’d share my experience. (Maybe you have found the same to be true.) When I start working on one wiki page, I think of another page I want to add, so I get that one started and then I think of something else, etc. While this is the nature of a wiki, I found that I had to take a breather, sort out some ideas on paper, and then get back to it. 

I found it helpful to make a chart (similar to an organizational chart or flow chart). I listed my homepage at the top, below that all the pages that link from the homepage, and then the pages that link from those pages. 

Good luck with your projects, feel free to visit mine at



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One response to “Don’t Rush

  1. Jenn Beyer

    The site looks like it is really growing, Beth. You’ve been busy!

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