Popularity Contest

So what’s it take to make it in the big WWW? In today’s now, I believe all it takes is to be flashy, pretty, shiny and to have the deep dirt on famous people. That’s right: Gossip Blogs. I honestly think that we all thrive on it. If someone comes up and says “Paris has a new tape…if you know what I mean,” we’re not going to relpy with a “hold on, I don’t gossip.” I will proudly admit that I am a gossip fiend. This is why I LOVE PerezHilton.com This guy has the down and dirty. His sight is flashy and it is complete with pictures with catty comments crudely written in Paint. I pretty much can’t get enough of it. It really satisfies my guilty pleasure of celeb gossip. Perez is flamboyant and fun to read and has made a name for himself doing the blog scene. He now does TV commentary on both MTV and VH1 (and we all know that  you’ve made it if you’re doing that…am I right? 🙂 ) If you’re looking for a good laugh, please, check him out. You won’t be disappointed.


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  1. justingagola and zach o'neill

    A blog that draws your interest is one that automatically is going to be more popular than one your not interested in. In our case the content on perezhilton.com is not to our taste and really has no bearing on our lives. Although it is probably important and likable infomation for some, it didn’t suite us. Even though the content wasn’t to our liking, the site was set-up well, and he is no doubt one of a kind! If you look at the popularity of a site and how its followers are loyal to that site, then you would have to say that according to Risdahl this site would meet all of that criterian.

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