Popular Bloggs and the reason their so sqaure

Everyone knows it’s hip to be a square or at least they have known since the late 80’s. This seems oddly correct because everyone is blogging or looking at blogs. It seems to me that blogs are popular because of same reasons other hangout spots are popular. Some places like the mall are popular hangouts because of the atmosphere. The same goes for a blogg, the author of a blogg can really control the atmosphere by the subjects and comments that they leave.

Other blogs are places of mutual interest so people feel they have something in common if only remotely. Like this blog I just decided was my favorite because I don’t read many and the title said something about duck hunting and I like duck hunting. It’s called SunSentinel.com it’s an on-line blog for a newspaper out of Florida. There was an article about duck hunting, after reading the post I realized that the author and I had very little in common other than we both seem to have shot at ducks at one point or another. I realized that he contrary to his note of “huddling” in a duck blind. He has never actually frozen near to death chasing after these flying devils. But I liked his article and the blog because he was a fellow hunter. I could wing it I would be hunting ducks in Florida  as well because it sounds like fun according to the author.


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2 responses to “Popular Bloggs and the reason their so sqaure

  1. beth

    We like your idea about a blog setting an atmosphere.

    When we read an article, especially if it is associated with a larger corporation (in this case, a newspaper), readers must be aware of when they click off a blog and wind up on a regular web-site. The link you included in your post was to the newspapers website, not a blog.

    This website has a lot of bloggers but the line can blur.

    Many blogs that are popular, however, simply because they are linked to such websites.

    Jenn, Mitch, Beth

  2. nobikadobi77

    Your link that you have is to just the website of the newpaper. When you use your link you should link to an actual blog within the website. Maybe the blog you found the duck hunting article on or a link to a blog within the newspaper.

    Jenn, Mitch, Beth

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