A Coyote a Day

My search for a popular and interesting blog began with the blog referenced in Risdahl’s Chapter 3 under recreation blogs, the fishing and outdoors blog hosted by the Billings Gazette. While I could not find it under the address listed in the book (www.outdoorweblog.com/), I did find a tab at the newspaper’s homepage for blogs hosted by that sight, which led me to GazOutdoors. The GazOutdoors blog is co-written by the Gazette’s outdoors gurus and has been posting outdoors info, advice and events since November, 2004. While the blog meets most of Risdahl’s criteria of a popular blog, I didn’t feel so compelled to make it my choice for this assignment.

Instead my search continued through an “outdoors blog” browser search until I stumbled upon The Daily Coyote. This blog grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let go, and what grabbed it was all the amazing pictures. Now, if you’ve had the inclination to stop by my little creation, you’ll know that I have somewhat of a fetish with the subject matter of outdoors-related photography. But the next thing I noticed about The Daily Coyote is that this blogger, Shreve Stockton, has only been going about this blog since September, that’s September of 2007! During this time she has established an incredible following by usually simply posting a single photograph of her life with a tomcat, Eli, and an orphaned coyote, Charlie, in Wyoming. A following may be an understatement. By searching on through the site, you’ll notice that she has built up a daily, weekly, and monthly subscriber base; the popularity of this blog has seemed to explode exponentially in less than six months. In that time, the blog has also been named a finalist for The 2007 Weblog Awards.

While Shreve’s stunning photos, most of which feature Charlie the coyote, is what immediately demands your investigation of this blog, it also meets much of Risdahl’s criteria for what makes a blog popular. The two criteria that Shreve glaringly meets are focus and personality. The focus is undeniable, it’s about her life in Wyoming with Charlie and Eli. Period. As for her personality, that becomes very apparent as you begin to dig through the blog and may be best exemplified by the Five Dollar Stetson….. I wonder if I can get this in poster size?



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2 responses to “A Coyote a Day

  1. I can see why this blog has gained so much popularity in such a short time. The fact that a wild animal has become a part of a family in itself is intriguing. Shreve’s photography skills are phenomenal and the entries are always breath-taking. I mean, who -wouldn’t- want a chance to see a (usually adorable) picture of a coyote every day?

    The fact that this subject is a taboo one (it is normally illegal to keep a wild animal), so watching the interaction between this wild animal and Shreve’s domestic feline is not just amazing, but it gives the reader a sense of being -dangerous-. Her entries are not always prose, most of the time they are pictures…but pictures are worth a thousand words.

    Something that we found interesting about this blog was that there were a few powerful personalities: Shreve’s, conveyed through her text, and her animals’, conveyed through vivid pictures. Charlie has a strong personality. In fact, with these photographs keeping a chronicle of his life, this blog also tells a -story- that a reader could easily get hooked on. That’s something that Risdahl doesn’t really mention; some blogs tell stories compelling enough to get readers invested.

    Briana and Zach

  2. valswritersblock

    Using pictures like the Daily Coyote blog site did, catches a reader’s attention, especially because of the quality of the photos. We also liked the basic layout and the nuetral tones were calming to the eye. It was a creative layout, but it was still professional because it didn’t go overboard with bright colors and fancy writing. It was also refreshing to see a blog site not littered with ads. This made it feel to us like we weren’t on the internet, but reading more of a journal entry. The blog was narrowly focused so it keeps bringing the reader back because they get so involved in this one coyote.

    Val, Gracie, Wayne

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