The Daily Dish is Compelling

While looking through the various blogs, I kept getting distracted by something on the page that didn’t seem to fit any of the categories of being a popular blog.  I finally stumbled upon one that I thought was well written and had compelling content.  The most recent posts were about the politics, and how Obama was beating Clinton in almost everything.  Then it just spirals off from there to many other interesting topics that grabbed my attention. 

The Blog is entitled: The Daily Dish, and as it states on the page, “A blog updated daily since June 2000 on politics, culture, faith, art, science, and anything that makes me laugh.”  He has titles that compell the reader to actually read the blog he posted, and while reading the blog, it just kind of sucks you in with his writing style.  There are very few errors, and you can definately tell that he knows about the subject that he is talking about.  Just one example of a compelling title that he has on his blog is, “Video Games As Literature.”


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