The Birds and the Beads

So, I started this assignment with a heavy heart. I must honestly say that I do not read other blogs, besides the ones here from our classmates. So I had set out to find an interesting blog. I didn’t feel like going through pages and pages of search engine results, but I did check out the first couple of pages. I searched for what I love- birds. Well, parrots actually because I knew there would be a large amount of birding (you know, that thing where you go hiking or sit in your kitchen and watch the wild birds eat from your feeder…) blogs and that just doesn’t interest me. So, in searching for a parrot blog, I had to weed through some of the generic bird channel information blogs that, while greatly informative and well written, just don’t have that entertainment value and humor that I crave.

So I came upon this blog. It is called “The Birds and the Beads.” It is not just a parrot/bird blog, in fact, it has very little reference to them (it would probably have even less but the author is in Australia and the amount of native parrots is massive). It contains humor, colorful pictures, and just stuff. Sometimes a blog entry will just have a picture, sometimes it will be a small quip that leaves you hanging. I think that is what makes it interesting. It is colorful, funny, spontaneous, and it always leaves you wanting to know what is next.

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  1. katykins

    We think that you picked out a very cool blog that is able to grab the readers attention immediately with a cool design, and bright pictures. The comment that you wrote engages the reader to be interested in birds, and actually check out the site for themselves. The layout of the blog worked very well, having three columns made the content readable, and easy to skim though.
    Krista, Eb, Katy

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