Palm Trees! (it’s all about palm trees)

So working on our latest assignment I was cruising through some blogs and nothing was hitting me that Hey this is interesting. I even went into categories that I normally would not. Then there it was,the blog of all blogs,to me anyway. The picture at the top was of a tropical island surrounded by water. The topics that were blogged about were right on track with what I like to read about and blog about. Politics mixed with Pop Culture with a dash of what the heck is going on in the world. It was great. Not to mention that it was clean and crisp. It was easy for me to navigate through and read what I wanted to read. You should all check it out just click here! Now there was a blog that I was starting to like but got so frustrated with it I just said whatever and gave up on it. The problem was that even though it was all about Pop Culture, (which I love), I was hard to read. It was black background with bright pink writing and there was a lot of advertisements flashing and the navigation of the blog was very difficult to follow. It would jump around and it was hard to get back to where you were. Oh well it was a blissful disaster, If you can follow!


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