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Ok, so when I look for blogs, I usually go by the look. Won’t lie. So for this assignment, I decided to do it on the design of blogs and how it can attract people, or turn them away. Instead of going to blogs that I know though, I decided to just google some blogs, and the first ones that I’d see I would decide good of bad, so to speak. The first one I have linked here is actually one I was drawn to by a picture. The link to it was a flower, with a pink background, it actually drew my attention, however, once I got to the actual blog, I was immediately turned away. The design of the blog was boring to me. It made me not want to take the time to look at or see what it was about. So, take a look for yourself. I didn’t like the sidebars, colors, or titles to tpics. The design just seemed off to me.

This is a blog that caught my eye. I didn’t know what it was about when I went to it, but the design was awesome. The pictures caught my attention, the organized sidebar, and the colors. All of it just seemed to fit, it worked and I wanted to take the time to view this person’s blog site.

Design really matters in a blog. It’s is one of the first things that a viewer will look for and it could turn them away or make them stay.


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