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“A Garden in the Pocket” is a literature blog that has been rising in popularity this last year on The author is Tegan Harris, from Brisbane, Australia. The blogs focus is on literature reviews, although the author as also put up some of his artwork. There is no particular focus in genre, and you can easily navigate though his blog to the work that you wish to read about.

 One reason for blog popularity that Risdahl gives us the blog content and the personality of the blogger. A Garden in the Pocket is rich in content, giving summaries of a variety of different literary works, while also giving the bloggers view points and opinions. The blogger’s personality is relatable, being humorous and open, avoiding alienating his readers with his knowledge of the works. Each review is similar, letting familiar readers easily skim through to certain sections that they may be interested in. I think that this blog is a good example to those who wish to make their own blogs more popular.


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  1. erikru

    This blog is effective because- it appears to be popular. It is well organized and seemingly unbiased. The author chooses a variety of books to review leaving it very open for any person to enter and possibly find a book they may be interested in. The appearence of the blog is professional ad very well organized. The reviews for the books are consistant and concise. The pictures are appropriate and well placed throughout the blog.

    Erik Rundquist, Jesse Stubbins

  2. When Tricha looks for blogs, she looks for stuff that she is interested in. With that in mind, we were both acutely aware of the blog mentioned in this posting due to its reference to literature. Both of us being avid readers, we knew we wanted to check out “A Garden in the Pocket”.

    We both decided that we gravitate towards such blogs for the same reasons: we are always looking for ways to learn about books out there that we have yet to read or even hear about. Same way with music: its nice to branch out and discover instead of reading/listening to the same old things.

    The thing that one always has to have in mind when turning to forums or blogs such as “A Garden in the Pocket” is the difference between a personal opinion and an actual literary review.

  3. PS – Martha was working with Tricha – if it wasn’t obvious. =) Thanks!

  4. Thank-you so much for such a nice and warm review. I never knew that people felt that way

    It is always nice when some one actually reads my blog but to have someone post about how they like it, that really made my day. Thanks.

  5. Ole

    Good blogs deserve attention. Simple as that.

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