What makes a blog popular | interesting

The obvious non-answer is “It depends,” so Rishdahl, in Chapter 16: Secrets of Successful Blogs,  takes a shot at giving us a look at what it depends on.  (Or a look on what it depends for those of you sensitive to the placement of prepositions.)  She is not trying to pin down The Ultimate Blog so much as pull together some advice for writing a blog – personal, professional, freelance …

Read chapter 16.  In the chapter, Rishdal looks at six popular blogs to develop  some criteria that seems to make them popular  –

  • well written and compelling content
  • the focus and theme of the blog
  • being controversial
  • comments
  • the personality of the blogger
  • design
  • marketing

Choose one of these criteria, or one of your own.  Then find a blog that illustrates how that criteria (criterion, for those of you who like their singular Latinates properly formed) makes that blog interesting and popular.  Post your consideration to this blog.  Link to the blog you’re looking at, and categorize your post under Popularity and Class Discussion.

Take the weekend to work with this exercise, and check in now and then to see what others are up to.


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  1. Zach

    “(criterion, for those of you who like their singular Latinates properly formed)”

    The Writing Resource Center is proud of you!

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