Why I don’t blogg

I rather like writing, however I’m not generally one to just write about anything. I’m not generally spontaneous, someone once told me that blogging could steal your soul, and I’m rather protective of my soul, I have a feeling I may need it some day.

Interesting though that I signed up for a class that specifically said weblogs in it,hmmm seems like a contradiction.

Well at any rate here’s hoping my soul stays where ever it’s at, because if there is one thing I hate more than losing my soul it’s not being able to find said soul or ascertain weather it’s lost or not.

 All corney word play aside I do enjoy blogging when I find the time. I like to think I’m a time lord and that I walk in eternity as Tom Baker  my favorite Time Lord from “Doctor Who” once said however I’ve noticed that time in this class is rather finite and that I need to use it to my advantage to make the most of this class.


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