I think my soul is safe.

I don’t think I’ll lose my soul if I blog, but it’s a interesting idea. However, I feel as if I have nothing interesting to blog about. I feel a little like a…(d-bag) if you will, blogging on and on about my life. Does anyone other than my family and/or friends care? Maybe making myself do it will help me break through the ice. Maybe someone, somewhere will care about my affection for properly made waffles and my excitement about Halo, or maybe even who I want to vote for…


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One response to “I think my soul is safe.

  1. Tricha –

    I for one like what you’re posting on your blog. It’s partly what you’re writing about but even more about the attitude you’re striking in the posts. It might look like small talk now, but small talk really tends to involve people in interesting ways.

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