Editing Page

I’m not very experienced with html or css code, but does anyone know any tips for modifying a themed page for the following:

1.To make links more readable (underlining them or brighter colors)

2. Widen the page so there is less of a margin on a page and more text space?



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2 responses to “Editing Page

  1. Jesse

    Look in the style.css file for a line that looks something like:

    a {blahblah: blah}

    The a is part of the a tag in HTML. The stuff in brackets are things you want to correspond with that tag, such as underlining, colors, etc. See this:


    for some good places to start with CSS.

  2. Zach

    I think that WordPress’ CSS modification is only temporary–a demo, really. You have to pay for a feature to save template changes. However, if you only want to modify a specific post or a specific page, you can use the expanded rich text editor. It took me a while to find, but it’s all the way on the right of the post writing toolbar. While writing a post, press CTRL-V to reveal the additional tools.

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