OK, OK, I just figured out this linking thing at 2:30am and boy is it fun!  I might just link the whole wide world now.

I’m Wayne Schmeling, the ol’ guy in class, and I’m a returning, transfer student at BSU.  If I can link all these classes together I should finish with two degrees, a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Creative and Professional Writing and a Bachelors of Science in History, by the Spring of 2009.  That makes me a BSU Senior on the 20-year plan!   In my previous life I lived outdoors, as a Hunting and Fishing Manager.  And before that, once upon a time, I was a Journalism major at the U.

I am really enjoying being back in school again, and now I’ve got this shiny new weblog!  So, check it out and I’ll see you in class.


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