Links, so many links!

For everyone who is not looking forward to meticulously adding every single one of their classmates’ blogs to their own blogroll by hand, I have an easy solution! Though WordPress doesn’t have an export blogroll feature, there is a php page which outputs a blog’s links as an .xml file. After renaming that file to the older .opml format, it can be uploaded and imported into WordPress.

Note: I made sure to delete all of my blog’s links before doing this. I don’t know if the import replaces or adds to your existing links. Still, duplicates are easy to delete. Also, this method completely disregards categories; everything will be added to ‘blogroll.’ Still, changing categories is easier than adding them all by hand!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to this page.
  2. Click File, Save Page As, and save it to your computer somewhere.
  3. Rename that file from wp-links-opml.php.xml to daybooklinks.opml
  4. From your blog’s dashboard, go to the Blogroll tab, then to the Import Links tab.
  5. In the ‘Or choose from your local disk’ form, browse and select daybooklinks.opml
  6. Press Import OPML File »

That’s all it takes! I have a mirror image of the Daybook’s blogroll on my own blog at the moment. I’m going to go in and replace my personal links in a second, but I thought I’d post this right away. You know, before everyone spent their entire day copying these by hand. Good luck!


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