is everyone added?

I think I have everyone currently in Weblogs and Wikis added to the Participants list and added to the Daybook.  If you’re still not on the list, let me know.

I noticed, too, that some of you are posting drafts.  (You’ll see them listed at the top of the page when you’re editing.) That’s ok.

To work further on the draft, click on the draft title and the text will appear in the editing box.  When you’re ready to publish, click on the publish button.

Use the category Introduction for your intro, too.

Looking good.  See you in class on Friday.



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2 responses to “is everyone added?

  1. Hi Prof. Morgan:
    I am not on the participant list. I was gone on Wednesday though – got a late start by no other fault than my own – and think maybe that’s why I am behind. Also – I just recently got $ from loans and only now had a chance to grab and look at the books.
    I will catch up ASAP – but wanted to respond to this post.


  2. Wayne

    I’m up and running, but that’s one L in Schmeling please sir.

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