Take a Gander

I posted my old blogs in my introduction below. I’m still trying to determine the focus for my class blog. When I use the  icon to hyperlink, it asks for a title as well as the URL. Can anyone tell me what that’s about?



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2 responses to “Take a Gander

  1. Zach

    As far as I know, the ‘title’ pops up when you mouse-over the link in question. For example, in your post, the link text ‘class’ shows ‘class blog’ on mouseover.

    This can be used to clarify where exactly your link will send the reader. If you were to have ‘check this out’ as linked text, it would be helpful to have the ‘title’ of that link be the name of the webpage they’re ‘checking out.’

  2. Jenn Beyer

    Ah-ah! Thanks, Zach.

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