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Hello! I thought I would drop by and tell a little bit about myself and drop a link to my blog. I’m sure you already heard a little about me in my short introduction in class, but I will say it again in an attempt to try and get familiar with everyone around here. I am a sophomore here at BSU majoring in Creative and Professional Writing. Before I came to BSU I absolutely dreaded the thought of having to write! I was actually home schooled until my junior year of high school, I then went to MSCTC – Detroit Lakes enrolled as a P.S.E.O. student and received my A.A.S. in Architectural Technology. It wasn’t until after my college writing classes here at BSU that I realized that writing was something I really enjoy. So after a few months of debating I made the switch from a design technology major to english. So you’ll have to cut me a break! I’m new to this! I will be posting on my blog outdoors related material (hunts I’ve been on, fishing hot-spots, new equipment, news in the outdoor world.) This is truly my absolute passion! I am hoping to be able to work for some type of outdoor publication. So if this is of interest to anyone stop on by and check out my blog! Zach O’Neill: An Outdoor Obsession


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