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Though Google may be well on its way to world domination, I still can’t help but take advantage of their many free services. I’m a dedicated Gmail user, manage my life with the Google Calendar, and if I were the picture taking type, I’d go to Picasa first. (This may tread too close to the ‘spam’ line, so I’ll just link to Google. Not that I really need to!)

With Weblogs and Wikis, I suddenly have a dozen or so new sites which I intend to regularly read. But how will I keep track of them all? I turned to Google Reader, an RSS aggregator in the style of Gmail. Though Blogger is Google’s official pet, Reader supports all of the mainstream blogging sites including WordPress. (I’m also using it to keep an eye on my favorite webcomics.) If you’re a Gmail fan, it may be something to take a look at.


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  1. I also recommend Shrook and Net News Wire for Mac users.

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