Learning to Blog is Great!

So I’m new at this and just to let everyone know so that you can laugh at me…I posted the assignment on my blog instead of on this one! Yeah I’m so smart! Anyway the post was about chapter 2 where Risdahl talks about how the media is now using blogs to publish work. For example journalists and photographers are publishing their work on blogs so that they can keep up to the minute progress on their work or writings. This is great because as a Mass. Comm. Major I should know this. Anyway I’m just out there and ready to get some more knowledge down so that I can run the best blog I can run! Wishing everyone else luck on this project!



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2 responses to “Learning to Blog is Great!

  1. Foradory –

    You were right the first time to post a comment on Risdahl to your blog! But thank for posting it here, too.

  2. eb

    It’s ok Heather. I almost did the same thing.

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