Hello Classmates

Hi, I’m the digital student in the class this semester. As Mike mentioned in class, I live in Fargo. I teach on the other side of the river at Minnesota State Community and Technical College (which is far too long to say at conferences and social events. MSCTC is faster to say and easier to type).

As I mentioned in class, I graduated from BSU with a BA and MA in English. Although I usually teach the freshman comp courses, I also teach basic English (ENGL 0050), and I’m developing a Special Topics course for fall: Travel Literature.

I have a personal “brain-dump” type of blog and created a one-time travel blog last year. I’m new to wordpress and wikis though and look forward to the experience of learning about both.



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2 responses to “Hello Classmates

  1. So you are taking this class on-line?

  2. jeepsister

    I check the course material often and I “appear” in class via Skype. It’s more like a video conference. I can see Dr. M, the blackboard, and the projector screen as well as listen to what is said in the classroom and Dr. M can see/hear me on his computer.

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